The link between Veronte Pipe and Veronte Autopilot may be made using Veronte Vision using a wireless connection such as Wi-Fi or 4G.

This connection uses TCP protocol and needs one of two elements involved, Veronte Vision or Veronte Pipe, is configured as a TCP Server.

Veronte Vision as Server

This option can be used when Veronte Vision is connected through Wi-Fi to the same local network of Veronte Pipe.

By default, Veronte Vision creates a TCP server listening port 5000, waiting for Veronte Pipe to start connection.

To configure Veronte Pipe to open a client connection to Veronte Vision, following steps must be taken.

    1. Open Advance mode.

veronte-vision-as-server               2.  Select Add TCP UAV to open TCP connection configuration dialog in the right panel

3.  Configure TCP connection mode as client


4.  Define TCP server host, in this case, Veronte Vision. It is possible to introduce Vision host name, the same as                      the   unique id (VISIONXXXXXXXX), or the IP assigned to Veronte Vision by the local router.


5. Introduce TCP server port of Veronte Vision. By default port 5000.


Once the connection is established Veronte synchronization process will start and Veronte telemetry and telecommand will be fully operative.

Veronte Pipe as Server

This option is very helpful when Veronte Vision and Veronte Pipe are not on the same local network and Veronte Vision is behind of an extern NAT server, and it is not possible to redirect a Public port on that extern router. This may be the case when Veronte 4G is the selected interface.

  • To set up this operation mode, basic knowledge from port forwarding is required. Ask your router administrator if you have any doubt.

In this mode, Veronte Pipe works as a TCP Server and must be visible from Veronte Vision, this means that if Vision and Pipe are not on the same network, a public address in the router before Veronte Pipe must be redirected to a local address in the PC where is running.

Before the establishment of the connection, if applies, Veronte 4G may be configured as described in “4G” section.

To open a TCP connection setting up Veronte Pipe as a Server, the following steps have to be followed:

  1. Configure telemetry destination in Veronte Vision to send Telemetry to defined TCP server. Vision will try to connect to this server and when the connection is established, Telemetry and telecommand will be fully operative. To do this, open TM config dialog from UAV panel. The public IP and port for Veronte Pipe router must be introduced in this dialog, being then the router redirected to local IP and port. The output interface where the telemetry is wanted to be sent from may also be defined.veronte-pipe-as-server
  2. Reboot Veronte Vision for the changes to take effect. Next time you want to connect is not necessary repeat previous step
  3. Open Advance mode dialog pressing CTRL+SHIFT+D keys combination.
  4. Select Add TCP Uav to open TCP connection configuration dialog in the right panel
  5. Configure TCP connection mode as a serververonte-pipe-as-server2
  6. Introduce local TCP port where you want to open the Veronte Pipe Server. It is the port where router redirects data from public address.veronte-pipe-as-server3