Veronte 4G board has the functionality of open a redundant link with Veronte Autopilot over Internet connection to send Veronte telemetry or video streaming to Veronte Pipe Video Server.

  • This board needs to configure SIM card to open a connection with the internet provider (SIM card is not included with the product)

A mobile device making an internet data connection must be configured to access to operator services. APN name, phone number, client and password for the connection must be defined to start connection. Please, ask your provider to get this specific data.

Using configuration button PPP config you may set the parameters to access to the Access Point

  • SIM card must be PIN security disabled to work in Veronte 4G

At started, when Veronte Vision boot, try to establish a connection with the Internet Provider. Results are record in \\VISION\Public\log\pppd.log

When communication with Veronte 4G board is successful, next must be read in log file:


Afterwards, Vision tries to connect with the provider using PPP configuration. If it is established next lines will be found in the file pppd.log:


When connection fails it will be indicated with:


This log file can be removed at any time to clean previous log connections.