To access the License you have to open setup, then select Veronte and click on info-button. The “about” tab opens. In this tab you can check you License of your Veronte. You will have a different License Id for each Veronte (so, License Id Veronte Air is different from License Id Veronte GND). To renovate Veronte License, you must connect Veronte to Internet biweekly.



The license panel is useful to check the following information:


License panel

The panel is useful to check the following information:

  1. UAV name
  2. UAV Address
  3. Software Version
  4. Autopilot Part Number
  5. Software version
  6. License ID
  7. License State (red)
    • GC: Guidance and Control
    • NAV: Navigation
    • TC: Transmission (RC)
  8. License Expiration Date and Time (blue)

The license state shows the possible action for the selected autopilot (ON=Active, OFF=Not Active). The Ground Autopilot license state for a normal configuration is ON:OFF:ON. The Air state is ON:ON:ON.

Safe Mode

The safe mode is used to avoid malfunctioning when the autopilot is trying to charge a corrupt file.

When Veronte is trying to charge a configuration file in its SD card and there is some problem, the safe mode avoids that the autopilot tries to charge the corrupt file again and again entering then in a loop that would not allow communicating with it. Instead of that, the system charges a default configuration stored in its flash memory and enters in what is called the safe mode, allowing the operator to change the configuration and send it again to Veronte.

It is also possible to force the enter in the safe mode by turning the autopilot off and on quickly.