The following table presents the configuration items present into the Magnetometer menu.

InternalIntegrated into Veronte
HMR2300External configurable Magnetometer
Magneto CalibrationWizard for sensor calibration
Magneto NavigationActivate or deactivate Magnetometer for navigation


Internal configuration is referred to the magnetometer installed inside Veronte Autopilot. HMR2300 and Sensor 0 are external configurable magnetometer sensors.



Magnetometer Menu – Internal

  • Vmax: Maximum voltage that works
  • Nº bits: Sensor number of bits
  • Sensit 0, sensit 1, sensit 2: Value of the slope of the sensor on each axis. (X,Y,Z respectively)
  • Offset 0, offset 1, offset 2: Initial voltage value
  • Min and Max: Sensor range where it works properly. Units of the international system
  • Full Scale: changes the sensor full scale (the maximum value that it can measure).
  • Int pin, Range, Pin 1, Pin 2, RAW: Internal Veronte parameters
  • RAW Id: it is possible to select an empty variable to store the information provided by the magnetometer before it goes through the filter.


Magneto Calibration

Magnetometer calibration should be performed once Veronte has been installed on the platform so the magnetic field during the operation is similar to the one measured during the calibration.


Sensor Calibration

Note: Before initiating the calibration make sure that the following variables are active on telemetry (Setup – variables – telemetry – data link): “Magneto x”, “Magneto y”, “Magneto z”

In order to start calibration, press on the “Start Calibration” button so the system can capture magnetometer data. During the calibration, the system must be oriented in all possible directions so enough data can be captured. Once enough data has been captured, “Compute Data” sets the calibration.

The procedure for acquiring enough data for performing the calibration is:

  • Hold the platform with your hands on the “Y” axis and rotate it parallel to the ground.
  • While the platform is rotating, rotate also yourself so the platform turns in two axes simultaneously.
  • Turn the platform 90 degrees within your hands and repeat the operation.



Magnetometer Calibration Procedure

Once three circles have been drawn on the screen, captured data will be enough for saving the calibration data. The following image shows an example of the calibration result:


Magnetometer Calibration Values

Magneto Navigation

Enable or disable magneto for navigation and configure magnetometer parameters.


Magneto Navigation

UseChoose angles for magnetometer use:

  • 2D: Only use horizontal measure for navigation
  • 3D: Use 3 measures for navigation
DecimationMagnetometer decimation
ErrorMagnetometer error

 Magneto Navigation