This is the accelerometer configuration menu. Internal configuration is referred to the internal Veronte accelerometer. In addition, Sensor 0 and Sensor 1 are external accelerometer devices and they can be configured from this panel.

InternalIntegrated into Veronte
Sensor 0External accelerometer
Sensor 1External accelerometer

System Accelerometer

Accelerometer  Configuration Menu

  • Edit Matrix: rotation matrix to indicate the position of the Accelerometer with respect to the board.
  • Vmax: Maximum voltage that works.
  • Nº bits: Sensor number of bits.
  • Sensit 0, sensit 1, sensit 2: Value of the slope of the sensor on each axis (X,Y,Z respectively).
  • Offset 0, offset 1, offset 2: Initial voltage value.
  • Min and Max: Sensor range where it works properly. Units of the international system.
  • ADC Port, Port0, Port1, FCH Port, Val0 and Val1: Internal Veronte parameters.