In order to configure the Free-Wave radio, just click on Set Setup Mode and wait for the radio connection.

Radiomodem Configuration Menu

When the link is established, all the radio parameters can be modified by the user on the left of the window. On the right, the user can modify the phone number list. The radio will establish the link only with the phone numbers inserted into this list.

If the user wants to eliminate a phone number, it is necessary to replace it with 000-0000.


This panel allows configuring the connected gimbal settings, including the number of gimbal axis, servos used for gimbal connection and distance from the autopilot to the Gimbal.

Payload Configuration Menu

  • Type: User can install Pan Tilt Gimbal or Pan Roll Tilt Gimbal, depending on the degrees of freedom of the Gimbal Device.
  • Servo: Output assignment to control Pan Roll and Tilt. The assignment has the same order in which they are numbered in Type field.
  • Base to gimbal X, Y, Z: The relative position between Gimbal and Veronte


Payload Operation

Once the Payload is defined in the Devices panel, a Gimbal button will be created in the Veronte Panel.

Gimbal Button in Veronte Panel

Clicking on this button, it is possible to display the Gimbal panel that allows the user to move the configured Payload.

The possible moving modes are the following:

  • Vector Body: the user will send a position to the Payload in Body Axes reference system.

Body Axes position

  • Vector NED: the position will be sent in NED (North-East-Down) reference system using Azimuth and Elevation angles.

NED Axes position

  • Location: the user can select a point directly clicking on the map or introducing the desired coordinates. The selected point can be also configured as “Relative to” another reference.

Map position