Pins 10,11 and 13 are used for the three connections of a serial port (RX, TX and GROUND). Veronte Pipe offers a different set of possible devices to be connected to the system serial port.


Connections – Serial

The user can configure the following field:

  • Baudrate: This field specifies how fast data is sent over a serial line.
  • Length: This field defines bits number of the message.
  • Stop: Number of the stop bit.
  • Parity: This field is a way of low-level error checking. It can be in odd or even.


User can connect the following devices via serial port:

 Field Description
 Radio External radio connection
 Tunnel Bidirectional tunnel between Veronte unit
 GPS External GPS connection
 Magneto External magnetometer connection
 Transponder External transponder connection
 Capture Capture external data
 Iridium External device to satellite connection
 Custom Messages It designs the format in which the data of more than one byte are sent to Veronte

Connections – Serial


External datalink radio connection. Fully compatible with radios not including communications protocol, output in one Veronte unit should be the input on the linked Veronte unit, ask for custom protocol configurations.

When connecting an external radio, this configuration should be performed in both Veronte units connected, the one in the control station and the one onboard the autonomous vehicle.


If Tunnel option is selected, it is possible to create a bi-directional tunnel between Veronte units. The serial configuration as Tunnel allows the user to create the following panel in the Sensors list named Tunnel, that allows to configure it.


Tunnel settings panel

In this panel can be configured the Tunnel parameters: Veronte ID, MCU and Port identify the Autopilot to connect and the port which must be used for communications; the time between messages indicate the period of time between a message and the successive one.


External magnetometer connection, select this option for connecting a Honeywell HMR2300 RS232 magnetometer. Ask for compatibility with other devices. For the complete magnetometer configuration, see section


HMR2300 settings panel


External transponder connection. Fully compatible with Sagetech XP transponders, ask for compatibility with other devices. See section for more information.


Transponder settings panel


Serial Capture option allows capturing an external data and storing it in a system variable. It is possible to set the Entry and link it to an error variable, the Output system variable and the Trim to correct the entry signal.




Serial Capture settings panel


The selection of Iridium in the serial port options allows configuring the Iridium module. The module used for the integration with Veronte system is the RockBLOCK Mk2 provided by ROCK SEVEN. See section for more information.


Iridium settings panel

Custom Messages

This menu enables the user to configure a serial protocol for any type of device. It also allows making a kind of selection of the message part that interests the user. For the complete info about the messages configuration, please see section


Custom Messages configuration menu

Note: the configuration of the radio, tunnel, iridium, transponder, capture and custom messages will only appear on the sensors menu (Setup/Devices/Sensors) once they have been selected in the Serial configuration window.