Digital input for custom sensor or payload connection. Selecting one of them (Stick PPM, Tunnel, RPM, etc.), it appears in the “Devices” panel and it can be configured.


Connections – Digital In

Stick (PPM)

Configuration for the joystick connected through the PPM port.




If Tunnel option is selected, it is possible to create a bi-directional tunnel between Veronte units. Once this option is selected in the “Connections – Digital In” menu, the configuration window of the tunnel will be available on the Sensors menu in “Devices”.


Tunnel settings panel

In this panel can be configured the Tunnel parameters: Veronte ID, MCU and Port identify the Autopilot to connect and the port which must be used for communications; the time between messages indicate the period of time between a message and the successive one.



RPM or similar sensor can be configured in the following settings panel. For more info about RPM sensor configuration, see section


RPM sensor settings panel


Connect any sensor or external device linking received data to a custom system variable. When the Varconsumer is selected in the Connection tab, the Level Capture panel will appear in the Devices tab.




Pulse option can be selected when user wants to read pulses from any external device.


Pulse settings panel