User Toolbar

The user toolbar displays the options related to the configuration of the user account.

fig.001-user-toolbarUsers Toolbar

menu-detailsDetailsDisplays configurable fields.
menu-text-selectUserLogged In user.
menu-log-outLog OutLog Out from Veronte Pipe.

User Manage

On first software run, it will start with the default user:

  • User: admin
  • Password: admin

fig.020-default-userDefault user

After the first use of Veronte Pipe, it is possible to change the username and the password. Moreover, Pipe gives the option of limiting the use that each user has over the software, what could be considered as a safety measure to limit the thing that can be changed for each person according to its knowledge over the different parameters. That is done trough the permissions, where the options that can be changed by the user can be selected.

changeChange User Information & Permissions

Number 1 indicates the option to change the username, 2 the password and 3 represents the different actions that can be controlled by each user (permissions).

New User

Finally, in order to create a new user, clicking on the Add button highlighted in the next figure will open a window to introduce the new user information.

add-userNew user