This option provides all the available system units for the variables of the system. They are arranged according to the type of variable (velocity, acceleration, temperature and so on).

unitsSystem Units

Veronte Pipe works by default with units of the International System, but this one can be changed by selecting other from the ones shown when clicking the “Default” menu.

Besides, Pipe gives the option of creating custom units. Clicking the plus button, a new variable will appear in the menu, along with a graph to introduce the conversión from the default unit to the new one. The conversión formula is created by introducing as many points as desired in the graph shown in the next figure.

system-units-new Custom Unit Definition

Let’s consider an example of how to create a new unit. Considering the voltage of a LiPo battery, it could be useful to have a unit that indicates the remaining percentage of battery. For example, if the battery used is a 4S, the fully charged  voltage is 16.8 V, while 14.4 will be the one when the battery does not provide the  amount of energy needed to fly. So 16.8 V will correspond to 100% and 14.4 to 0%. Taking that into account the conversion graph will be the one shown in the next figure.

v-lipo-correctaVoltage to Percentage Conversion



Caution!! In this panel can be selected the default system units. It means the first displayed unit will be the selected one, but it will be possible to change it temporarily in all Pipe windows.



The table below shows all the available units in VerontePipe.

Variable TypeUnits
Velocity[m/s]   [kt]   [km/h]   [mph]   [ft/s]   [ft/min]
Length[m]   [km]   [mi]   [NM]   [yd]   [ft]   [in]   [cm]   [mm]
Angle°[-180;180]   rad[0;2π]   °[0;360]   [° ‘ “]   [° ‘ “](N/S)   [° ‘ “](E/W)
Acceleration[m/s²]    [ft/s²]   [in/s²]   [g]
Temperature[K]   [°C]   [°F]
Magnetic Flux Density[T]   [mG]   [gauss]
Voltage[V]   [mV]
Current[A]   [mA]
Pressure[Pa]   [kPa]   [bar]   [mbar]   [psi]   [mmHg]   [at]   [atm]
Time[s]   [min]   [h]   [μs]   [ms]   [Time]
Angular Velocity[rad/s]   [rad/m]   [rad/h]   [rps]   [rpm]   [rph]   [°/s]
Flow Rate[m³/s]   [gal/s]   [gal/h]   [l/s]   [l/h]
Custom Type[- -]
Percentage[x1]   [%]
Frequency[Hz]   [mHz]   [kHz]
Area[m²]   [cm²]   [mm²]   [km²]   [mile²]   [ft²]   [yd²]
Data[bit]   [byte]
Mass[kg]   [g]   [tonnes]   [lbs]   [oz]
Force[N]   [kN]   [lbf]   [pdl]