The “Connections” tab contains the options to configure the connection of Veronte Ground to the PC.


PC Connection

Select the setup menu (1), choose Veronte Pipe in the units display (2) and enter in the connections tab (3) to configure the ethernet connection of the ground autopilot. When the connection is completely configured, it is necessary to click on “Save Connection” in order to make it effective.

In the old versions of Pipe the connections setup can be performed in the “Preferences” tab.


PC Connection in older versions

PC Ethernet Connection

Veronte unit on the control station must be connected to the same network than the PC running Veronte Pipe. In order to establish communications with Veronte, PC network interface IP must be in the same range as Veronte.

Veronte Autopilot default IP is so PC Ethernet adapter settings must be set on the 0 subnet on first system startup (depending on the version can be 137 instead of 0).

IP can be changed in adapter settings in the Windows control panel.


Adapter Properties

Selecting “Change adapter settings” all the ethernet connections will appear on the screen. Choose the one where the ground autopilot is connected and right-click on it. In “Protocol Internet Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” properties, it is possible to change the ethernet adapter IP. I must be set to: 192.168.137.XXX or 192.168.0.XXX (old versions of VerontePipe), where XXX can be any number, but the ones used in the other adapters.


Change Adapter IP Address

  • !! Once Veronte Pipe is started, if both units are shown on the right bar but they do not initialize check the network adapter setting.

To solve it:

  1. Go to control panel – Network – Change adapter settings.
  2. Select your network adapter, right click – Properties.
  3. Select TCP/IPv4 – Properties – Advanced options.
  4. Under IP addresses, add the following:
    1. IP Address: 192.168.0. X  (X can be any number available in your network) | Subnet Mask:
    2. IP Address: 192.168.137. X (X can be any number available in your network) | Subnet Mask:
  5. Close and save.


Adding Adapter IP Address

Veronte units in version 2.1.x or below requires an IP address of the form 192.168.137.X and from version 2.1.X onwards, Veronte requires an IP address of the form 192.168.0.X. Following the aforementioned steps, your PC will add both of them.