Since version 2.11, Veronte Pipe contains the option to encrypt the data transmitted from the autopilots and from Pipe itself. To configure this new feature go to “Setup(Veronte Pipe)/Encryption”.


Encryption type choosing

By default, the unit set to encrypt is Veronte Pipe. If another one (Ground/Air) wants to be encrypted, select it in the units list that appears on the left side of the menu.

There exist three different encryption types, depending on the key size: 128, 192 and 256 bits. If one of the last two is selected, an additional step is required.


Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) download

Pressing 1 will open a window that provides the instructions to ensure the functioning of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 and AES 192.

The last step of the encryption process is the specification of a key that is used to encrypt the data and can be used later to get the information back to a readable format.

When this part of the process is complete, the system will ask for restart the encrypted autopilots.


Veronte restarting

Once autopilots are restarted they will show up in the right bar of Veronte Pipe. If both autopilot and Pipe are encrypted nothing will change in the view. If only the autopilots are encrypted (or the autopilots are connected to different encrypted Veronte Pipe), they will show up as showed in the following figure.


Both autopilots encrypted


Only Ground autopilot encrypted

If the autopilot icon appears with the label “Veronte X” (where X is the ID of the autopilot), it is not possible acceding to its configuration and user can not use it. To remove encryption temporarily and be able to use the autopilot it is necessary to left-click on the autopilot label and insert the encryption type and password in the following window.

encryption4Remove temporarily encryption 

To remove definitely the encryption it is sufficient to go in the Encryption Panel and selecting the encryption type None. The software will ask a last time for the password and, after the autopilots restarting, the encryption will be removed.