The obstacle tool is used to determine an area on the map that can not be crossed by the RPAS. This area is a repulsion potential field for the aircraft so, depending on the moving speed, the plane will cross the black line (high speed) or it will remain completely out of the red zone.

Obstacle Zone

AircraftConfiguration LimitsPossible Solution
  • High speed
  • Tendency to enter into the obstacle red zone
  • Configure a bigger obstacle area in order to avoid the physical obstacle
  • Low speed
  • Repulsion-Ground speed vectors conflict*
  • Configure the obstacle area letting the obstacle center away from the route line

* When the obstacle area center is configured on the route line or very close, speed vector and field repulsion vector are defined with the same direction and reverse sign. This phenomenon causes a conflict and until the directions are sufficiently different to allow the multirotor moving, it will stay in an indecision situation (similar to hover phase).




Multiple obstacles mission example