From the Embention website it is possible to download User Manual and the Datasheet of the L200 Catapult.



In order to configure correctly the launch system, it is necessary to perform two different actions:

  • Trimming of the launch actuator.
  • Create the automation for the launch button.

To set them, it is necessary to connect the catapult to Veronte Ground using the catapult wire and completing the system with a PC connection with Veronte Pipe.



To trim the actuator it is necessary to create the catapult actuator by following the path Devices>Control>Actuators, clicking on Change size actuators and choosing the actuator number (1) from the window.

Catapult actuator trimming

When the actuator is created, it is possible to trim it. The trimming in the previous figure is the default value but the user must be sure the servo can move covering all the useful range from bottom (0) to top (1).

For more information about servos trimming, see section 6.3.2.


The automation must be created in the Ground autopilot. The typical Event of the automation is a Button which will appear in the Ground Veronte Panel and the Action is the change from 0 to 1 of the actuator value. A second value of the actuator should be set in order to restore the initial null value (in this case, after 2 seconds).

Automation Event

Automation Action