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Embention is in the process of growth and expansion and we offer investment opportunities in a leading company in the industry of autonomous vehicles, drones, UAVs, eVTOL, UAM …

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We are a leading company in the Unmanned Systems industry. Our technology within Veronte Autopilot is pushing the boundaries of RPAS / UAV / Drone market making new applications a reality worldwide. We believe we are one of the companies with the most promising future in this industry.

At Embention we make continuous investment in R&D so our products stay as state of the art. Leading different areas within the drone and UAM (Urban Air Mobility) markets.

Embention is always open to new investors to not only support our international growth but also to discover with us this exciting market.

The NMAND division at Embention commercializes complete drone systems, adapting partner platforms or developing completely new custom drone solutions. These autonomous drone system can be fixed wing, multirotor, helicopter, VTOL or others, including customizable payloads for all kinds of applications.

The autonomous vehicle market is in continuous growth and new applications and opportunities appear daily. This market includes all kinds of UAV and autonomous vehicles, such as drones, eVTOL, UGV, USV, UAM and many other areas are to come.

Embention is positioned as one of the leading companies in the sector. Having an experienced team of more than 50 engineers specialized in the field and a product established in the market, multiplying its sales annually.

Invest In Embention

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