We are a leading company in the Unmanned Systems industry. Our technology within Veronte Autopilot is pushing the boundaries of RPAS / UAV / Drone market making new applications a reality worldwide. We believe we are one of the companies with the most promising future in this industry.

Founded in 2007 in Spain, Embention has been awarded with multiple innovation awards, at the time reached many achievements: core of the 1st RPAS issued with a Type Certificate in Europe, longest hover with a tethered system, hybrid VTOL-forward transitions with a single autopilot, first fully autonomous torque-roll and transition maneuvers, first cloud-operated drone via 4G and many more to come from our visionary team.

Today, Embention products are being used in many countries worldwide. We are supported by Everis Aerospace & Defense (subsidiary of NTT) but Embention is always open to new investors to not only support our international growth but also to discover with us the Unexplored with our Veronte technology.

Please contact us for further information in available invest opportunities.


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