Embention is a high tech company in the UAV and unmanned vehicle industry. After a long investment in R&D Embention is one of the leading companies in the industry with a consolidated range of products.

Veronte is the UAV components division at Embention. Here stands the Veronte Autopilot. A high performance control system for UAVs and unmanned vehicles in general. Other Veronte components in the company are: control stations, reliable electronics, tracking antennas…

The NM& division in Embention commercializes complete UAV systems for multipurpose applications. Including: fixed wing, multirotor, helicopter… with customizable payloads for the most demanding customer needs.

We are looking for companies for supporting us with our international growth and to represent our products in their respective areas. A must have for these companies are a solid infrastructure in the area and workforce for providing a close commercial and technical support to customers in the area.

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